Like earlier mentioned natural type of family planning require high motivation and so make them not particularly reliable method of family planning , in my practice I usually advice for this as last desperate option couples should use. The following make up natural family planning methods; 
Withdrawal Method (coitus interrupters)
Warning this method  of family planning can only be used in highly motivated couples.
It is useful as a temporary method for example supplies for of regular method are not available or the couples are together for only a short time. Personally I know people who have tried this and failed miserably ending up with unwanted pregnancy.
Do you know how to calculate your safe days? contact me for help
Safe period (rhythm method)
This type of family planning means that couples avoid sex the time the woman eggs (ovum) are ready for fertilization. This is around mid month of a woman’s circle. This means that there should  not have unprotected sexual intercourse between day 8(eight) and day 20 (twenty) of a woman’s circle i.e. a total of 12 days without sex in a month.
Have you ever seen a cow on heat? Unfortunately this is the period at which women folks are on heat so this method like the withdrawal method require highly motivated couples

Breastfeeding amenorrhea method
Risk of pregnancy in exclusively breastfeeding couples in the first 6 (six) months so long as the woman has not experienced menses is 2 % (percent) .so this is a reliable type of family planning method so long as the above conditions are met.
Cervical mucus membrane
This is method of family planning is slightly technical  for average person and couples are advised against using this if they don’t understand the physiology of ovulation. I am using medical terms here intentionally to discourage you from using this method. In this method the woman partner checks the presence of mucous in the vagina, intercourse should be avoided on all days when mucus is observed and for three days there after. If you have problem with this or any other type or method of family planning, you can consult Here  or place a comment at the bottom.
Basal body temperature (BBT) method
Like cervical mucus membrane this is also a slightly cumbersome method of natural family planning because it involve daily recording of a chart. Check the temperature five minutes before waking up and enter in ascertain chart after woman’s eggs are released (ovulation) temperature rises by (0.2 – 0.6) C, intercourse should be avoided when the temperature is high and resumed when the temperature have dropped. like you might have noticed, this method is very unreliable form of family planning, what if one gets sick an the temperature rises, what if one fails to record the temperature.

This method or type of family planning can easily be manipulated by a partner to escape sex by just manipulating the temperatures.
Sympto-thermal method.
This method combines both BBT and cervical mucus membrane methods of family planning



  1. please help me know how to count my safe days.thanks


    x is the number of days of a woman circle

    formula x÷2 ) ∓ 4 = The two answers you get becomes the beginning and end of unsafe days the rest are safe including during active menstruation

    Mary gets her periods after 28 days, calculate her safe days.

    (28÷2) ∓ 4 = 10 and 18
    ∴ between day 10 and 18 are unsafe days for Mary and the rest of the days are safe


    2. Safe days can only be applied if you have a standard 28 day cycle. Otherwise temperature recording needs to be applied.

    3. I heard that the billings ovulation method is very good. Is this true?

  3. In the case of natural family planning, does I mean that the chances of a breastfeeding mother within the firs six months is slim?

    1. Very slim so long as their is no menstruation

    2. Very slim so long as their is no menstruation

  4. Please what are the best drugs to prevent pregnancy or what is the female condom called, will the woman experience some kind of inconvenience or displeasure while using it? we are both very active in sex and do not need a child at least next four years. thanks

  5. we are sexually very active, we do not neeed a child at least 3 to 4 years, what is d best pills we can use. does the female condom pose any form of inconvenience or displeasure? thanks

  6. Female condom is just like male condom so displeasure or place they're alike. But choice on contraceptive is entirely on your own decision so just read the entire article and make a decision.

  7. Hi,
    I breastfed my daughter for 13months and stopped in May. I only saw my period in February 2017 and again July. I have been feeling all the signs of having another period in August but it's not forth coming. I've had several pregnancy tests which all came out negative. Pls is this normal? How long does it take for the period to normalize after breastfeeding as we would really love to start TTC for baby number 2. My babygirl is 16months
    Kind regards as i await your response.


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